Jobst 7500
Extremity Pump

The Jobst 7500 Extremity Pump is used to treat peripheral edema or lymphodema by aiding and increasing blood flow in the extremities through sequential (and intermittent, using optional accessories) compression. The affected leg or arm is placed inside the appropriate sleeve, which has three independent inflation segments which alternately fill and deflate, pushing the blood supply through the veins and arteries in the extremity. Unlike the Kendall 5325 and 6325, which utilize a rectangular sleeve which can be wrapped around the extremity, Jobst uses sleeves into which the extremity is placed and then the sleeve is zipped up around the extremity. Customers looking for a "boot" type SCD may prefer this type of sleeve, since it covers the entire extremity.

Jobst 7500s are capable of performing compression on two extremities at once by using the optional sequential adaptor tubing (catalog # 147520) and obtaining an additional sleeve for the second extremity. There are also a number of optional specialized sleeves for varying treatment situations (see available sleeves below). Also available are single-chambered sleeves that can be used for intermittent therapy.

Standard Air Tubing 147540
Two Extremity Tubing Adaptor 147520


Standard Sequential Pneumatic Sleeves (length x top circumference)

Regular Arm 34"x 26" (86 x 66 cm) 147514
Regular Leg 32.5" x 30.5" ( 83 x 77 cm) 147535
Long Leg 37" x 32" (86 x 81 cm) 147537