Portable Volume Ventilators

This equipment is designed to assist breathing in intubated patients (patients whose breathing tube is internal, usually inserted down the throat.) Unlike many of the other kinds of medical equipment, ventilators are life-sustaining devices and are classed by the FDA as Level 3 devices. They can run on AC power, on the internal rechargeable battery, or on an external battery. Ventilators should receive full preventive maintenance at least once a year or after 6000 hours of use, whichever comes first. An internal counter tracks the hours of usage, and usage can be read from the patient pressure meter on the front panel. Vents can only be serviced by manufacturer-trained technicians.

Respironics PLV-100

Respironics PLV-102

These portable volume ventilators are manufactured by Respironics, which has chosen to have all the controls and indicators clearly visible on the front panel. An optional opaque cover is available for patients who wish to have the control panel of the ventilator out of sight. They are similar in function to the LP6+ and LP10; however, the PLV-102 has the added feature, common to most full-size ventilators, of an internal Oxygen blender which delivers a richer % of O2 to the patient.

Disposable Accessories

Disposable circuits are interchangeable between all devices: For non-intubated BiPAP and CPAP patients, a complete circuit kit is offered (#RP312412), which includes the following items: #312107 Circuit, #312102 small mask, #312103 med mask, #312104 large mask, #312105 sm/med mask, and 2 #312106 headstraps.   Intubated patients require additional accessories and adapters.

Optional accessories:

External 12V, 105 AH Deep-Cycle Marine battery can be used with adapter cable # RP07280. Respironics does not manufacture their own external battery, but you can pick one up at Sears or at similar outlets.

Suggested Substitutes: Nellcor LP6+, Nellcor LP10, T-Bird Legacy, Bear 33


Humidifers can be added to the circuit lines of all ventilators by inserting a small piece of circuit tubing (usually comes in 18" lengths) between the ventilator and the humidifier chamber, and then attaching the patient circuit to the other outlet of the chamber (see illustration).   

Available Fisher & Paykel Humidifiers:


designed specifically for homecare hookups with ventilators dual mode-both heated and non-heated wire system capability


neonatal and intensive care applications, special-order only; more sophisticated than HC500, has gas temperature digital display, dual servo control.  Requires an airway temperature probe (i.e. #TR900MR571) to maintain proper air temperature.


constant flow applications such as oxygen therapy and CPAP, special-order only

All Fisher Paykel humidifiers can use the single-use HC335 Adult Humidification Chamber (FSHC335);  there are also reusable humidification chambers available which can be autoclaved and reused.

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