Sequential Compression Devices

Sequential Compression Devices, or SCD’s, (also known as Lymphodema pumps) are designed to limit the development of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and Peripheral Edema in immobile patients. When a patient is immobile for long periods of time, as in recuperation from an injury, blood tends to pool in the calf area of the lower leg. To combat this tendency, clinicians use the Sequential Compression Device. This consists of an air pump connected to a disposable sleeve by a series of air tubes. The sleeve is placed around the patient’s leg. Air is then forced into different parts of the sleeve in sequence, creating pressure around the calves and improving venous return. Hospital units can utilize up to 10 sequential chambers; most home units have three. Available units include the Kendall 5325 and 6325 and the Jobst 7500.

A similar therapy which combats the same conditions is the Foot Pump. These devices artifically stimulate the venous plantar plexus (large vein located in the foot) to increase blood circulation in bed-ridden patients by simulating the motion of blood produced during walking. Devices using this form of sequential compression include the Kendall AV Impulse pumps and the NuTech Plexipulse.

Available Sequential Compression Devices:

Jobst 7500

Kendall 5325, 6325

Kendall AV Impulse 5000

Kendall AV Impulse 6060

NuTech Plexipulse