Patient Home Delivery 

Ensuring that critical supplies and devices are delivered in timely fashion to your patients requires a great deal of coordination of outbound orders, available inventory, and delivery schedules.  An efficient running logistics operation leads to higher patient satisfaction, lower costs and higher profitability.  MSD’s Patient Home Delivery (PHD) program can help you achieve all of these objectives.  

Currently servicing over 500,000 patients every month, MSD’s PHD program’s White Glove service gives you and your customers that ultimate home delivery experience and ensuring ensures your patients’ supplies are delivered on time.

We remove the complexities associated with shipping monthly supplies to your patients through our Patient Home Delivery (PHD).

With PHD you can:

• Achieve higher patient satisfaction - Provide quick and reliable service

• Lower operating costs - Reallocate resources

• Enhance your profitability - Reduce distribution and logistics expenses


In addition, PHD can help you:

• Expand your product offering - Offer your patients more choice from our large selection of leading national brands

• Reduce your inventory - With next day delivery to over 95% of the U.S. population let MSD be your warehouse

• Streamline your order fulfillment process - Quickly and easily place orders for current and new patients using our technology

• Improve your delivery service - Customized delivery programs available